University of Rwanda

Dr. Gerard Rushingabigwi

Senior Lecturer


Dr. Gerard Rushingabigwi is a Senior Lecturer in different Departments of the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology (UR CST); most notably, he is a Senior Lecturer of ECS6261 Ultra-Low Power Design Techniques for IoT Devices to MSc. Degree Students in ACE IoT, and a CEBE’s Biomedical Engineering Master’s Program Coordinator.
With a Training Certificate to supervise PhD Theses in 2018, Dr. Gerard is a MSc. Degree and PhD Supervisor.

He did the Postdoctoral Research from November 2017 to November 2019; his research is currently focusing on "Remote Sensing Data Analysis of Aerosols as well as Other Air and Water Pollutants."

He has a PhD in Electronic Science and Technology, major of Electromagnetics and Microwave Technology, focusing on Miniaturization of Microstrip Planar Antenna, in June, 2017. He has the Master of Engineering Degree in Computer Science and Technology, in July 2010; and got the Bachelor’s Degree in Electromechanical Engineering, in December 2005. For more details about his profiles, the publications of Dr. Gerard Rushingabigwi can be accessed via the Google Scholar Web Link: