Local Supervisors

Dr. Munyampundu Jean Pierre

Dr Jean-Pierre Munyampundu holds a PhD degree in Molecular Plant Pathology from Zhejiang University, China, a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Xiamen University, China, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry with Education from the University of Rwanda. He also undertook a short post-doctoral training in Professor Jacob Souopgui’s Laboratory at the Institute of Biology and Molecular Medicine, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. Currently, Dr Munyamupundu is a Lecturer at the College of Science and Technology, in the University of Rwanda (UR-CST) and the Head of the Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology in the Biotechnology Laboratory Complex, University of Rwanda, Huye Campus. His current research interest is on evaluation of malaria infections by Plasmodium mixed species in Rwanda. He is seeking to investigate the prevalence of mixed-species malaria infections, assess a molecular-based method to accurately detect them in clinical samples in low-resource settings, as well as generate preliminary data useful for gaining insight into inter-species interactions of malaria parasites in mixed infections. Under the Out of Africa Fellowship Dr Munyampundu will undertake research on ’Evaluation of mixed malaria infections and developing a responsive surveillance of malaria infections in Rwanda’ in collaboration with Professor Alex Rowe of the School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh.