External Funded Project

Mr. Ngabo Desire

Project Investigator: Mr. Ngabo Desire
PI Profile
  • Mr NGABO Desire received his BSc of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication, 2011, from University of Rwanda (Former KIST) and Master degree of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology from Hunan University China,2014. He is the Head of Laboratories in the African Center of Excellence in the Internet of Things(ACEIoT) and an Assistant Lecturer in the Computer Science department at the University of Rwanda . Currently, He is a PhD Student at College of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering, Hunan University, China. His research interests are Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Network and embedded Computing systems, Machine Learning and Blockchain
Title of the project: A collaborative research study to assess stakeholder needs and mitigate risk in the development of Internet of Things Remote Monitoring Solutions for high-risk cold chains, aiding the storage and delivery of temperature-sensitive vaccines in Rwanda.
Type of the project: Postdoc/research award , cooperability, academia-industry, etc Research award
Partners: Kumva Insights Limited (KI)
Team members: Ngabo Desire, Dr Mukanyiligira Didacienne
Project amount:
Funder: National Council for Science and Technology (NCST)
Project period:
Short description of the project:
Project status: Ongoing
Type of the Project: National or International : International