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ACEIoT staff visit KEEP to explore areas of collaboration

Staff from African Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) have paid a three - day visit to KNUST Engineering Education(KEEP) Centre, Ghana, to discuss and (...)

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UR Innovation Week: Eight innovative projects from AI and IoT Incubation Hub get recognized

Eight innovative projects being incubated at the UR’s AI and IoT incubation hub where recognized and rewarded 5,000 USD each as a startup capital to implement them. The (...)

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RISA envoy commends the progress of AI and IoT applied research incubation hub project

On 8th June, 2023, Dr. Joy Kiiru, Research and Innovation Technical Advisor at the Research and Innovation Systems from Africa (RISA), the funder of the IoT and AI Incubation (...)

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Twenty young innovators complete a one-week training on entrepreneurship

Twenty young innovators who expressed interest to be incubated at the African Centre of Excellence have on 19th May 2023 completed a training on entrepreneurship to be able (...)

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ACEIoT launches incubator project to promote AI

The African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) launched ‘IoT and AI Applied Research Results Commercialization through Incubation Hub’ project on January 24, (...)

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The first round of incubates under the IoT and AI hub start training

Eighteen entrepreneurs being incubated at the IoT hub have, on 27th March 2023 started the first training as one of the services they are poised to get under the IoT and AI (...)

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