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ACEIoT in the process of acquiring international accreditation for its programs

The African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) is in the process of acquiring the international accreditation for its four programs namely two Master’s and two PhD programmes in Wireless Intelligent Sensor Networking and Embedded Computing Systems. This follows the national accreditation provided by the Rwanda Higher Education Council (HEC)

Through the UR approved guidelines for selecting accrediting institution for international accreditation, The Agency for Quality Assurance(AQAS), a Germany company specialized in accrediting higher learning institutions has been selected as accrediting body for the four programs of ACEIoT namely

According to the signed agreement with UR, the accreditation process will follow the following steps:

1. Submission of Self Evaluation Report (SER) that includes all the information about the offered programmes to be accredited.

2. Initialization of International accreditation by AQAS

3. Field visit of AQAS experts who will verify submitted information in SER.

4. The Accreditation Commission decides on the accreditation of the programmes

Now the experts from AQAS are at the site verifying the submitted information in a bid to see if the Centre meets all the requirements to be accredited.

Experts from AQAS met the Senior Management of University of Rwanda

Experts from AQAS met the Center and College management

Experts from AQAS met the College Staff

Experts from AQAS met the Representatives of the Labour Market

Experts from AQAS met the CenterTeaching staff and Researchers

Experts from AQAS during Kigali tours