External Funded Project

Academia-Industry Collaboration for Empowerment of female graduate students in Business, Entrepreneurship and Internet of Things (IoT)

Strengthen Research Capacity and expertise in digital health

Smart bees Hiving Technology

Real time Assessment of the indoor air pollution in Sub-Saharan households (Case study: Rwanda rural and urban areas

Gender differentials and mobility constraints in urban area: A Case of Kigali City

A Muhangayiko free IoT based Smart Parking assistant for smart Kigali city system

Development of a Smart Wearable Device for Real-Time Risk Monitoring of Infectious Virus Spreading: Case Study of Covid-19

A collaborative research study to assess stakeholder needs and mitigate risk in the development of Internet of Things Remote Monitoring Solutions for high-risk cold chains, aiding the storage and delivery of temperature-sensitive vaccines in Rwanda.

A technologically empowered health-care delivery in the era of Covid-19

AI enabled IOT early warning smart system for prevention of Mycotoxins in cereals

Infectious Diseases Outbreak Prediction using Geolocation Data with Machine Learning

Agriculture Data from Acoustic Monitoring

Electromagnetic Compatibility Monitoring and Prediction Models for Biomedical Devices

Tools for Evaluating African Lakes