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CST receives team from Handong Global University, South Korea for emerging technologies discussions

On 19th July 2023, students and faculty staff have discussed issues, opportunities and challenges pertaining to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. This scientific seminar was facilitated by a team of experts from Handong Global University, South Korea, Beon- ha Jee, Doo -hee Chung, Eun Chang Coi and Chul Hyun Jung.

During the discussions, participants exchanged on opportunities that AI has brought, challenges/issues and how to benefit from the opportunities created by the AI innovations.

In the presentation, it was highlighted that AI is faster, cheaper and accurate that the computational process power of AI learning models grows by 10 times every year. Not only this but also AI is fast adopting in domains like finance, manufacturing, agriculture among others.

In his presentation, Prof. Doo-hee Chung highlighted some opportunities created by AI. “Profit through AI doubled in 2021, tripled in 2022 compared to 2018. Firms of AI development budget increased to 30 percent: from 19%in 2021 to 49% in 2022”, he said.

Students raised some concerns about AI and were provided with responses for them to better understand the use and benefits of AI technologies. The seminar was attended by the CST community, mostly PhD and masters students in the African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things( ACEIoT) which hosts many projects in the AI field.

Before the seminar, experts from Handong Global University met with the Principal of College of Science and Technology Dr. Ignace Gatare and discussed specific areas of collaboration in science and technology.

In 2018, University of Rwanda (UR) and Handong Global University, South Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Collaboration in capacity Building for Sustainable Development.