ACEIoT Researchers’ paper get recognized as the ‘Best’

A team of researchers from African Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) have presented a research paper which was recognized as the best during the virtual 2021 IEEE World AI IoT Congress in the category of IoT enabling Technologies. The paper is entitled ‘A Lora enabled IoT-based air quality monitoring system for smart city”.

The authors whose paper was chosen to be the best include Evariste Twahirwa, Kambombo Mtonga, PhD candidates at ACEIoT, Desire Ngabo, Research assistant and Assistant Lecturer in the School of ICT and Prof Santhi Kumaran.

“Congratulations! We are very happy to announce that your research paper has been chosen as the best paper as per the reviewers”, said Rajashree Paul, Technical Co-Chair, 2021 IEEE World AI IoT Congress.

The paper described a work, in which a domesticated air pollution monitoring system over the LoRa enabled Internet of Things framework is proposed. Two sensors for CO$ and PM that are important for air quality monitoring with compensated weather monitoring capabilities were deployed in the cafeteria kitchen and laboratory room of the University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology.

The sensed parameter readings are then sent to the cloud via LoRaWAN protocol supported gateway that interfaces the sensors and the cloud part of the network.

Congratulations to the team!