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ACEIoT in new move to attract external IoT Lab users

The University of Rwanda is set to upgrade and rehabilitate the existing labs to be more beneficial to not only the University but also to the community at large. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Didas Kayihura Muganga made remarks on Thursday while touring different facilities at UR, College of Science and Technology and found out that most of the labs are serving specifically for teaching purpose yet they can be a source of income for the university.

In his visit at UR College of Science and Technology, the Vice Chancellor toured different labs that are used during the practical activities. At the African Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things, he toured the newly acquired IoT Lab which is unique in the region.

The Centre management briefed him about how the lab operates, its advantage of being unique in the region and how it is particularly benefiting students who are now conducting research projects as they are getting ready to complete their studies.

Marie Ritha Umutoni, is a Master student specializing in Embedded Computer Systems. She says as she is conducting research, there are some devices that she will use to have her project complete and all these devices are found in the lab. “My project is about being able to classify moving objects like animals without using a camera...the devices I will use are found here”, she explains.

The Vice Chancellor noted that the labs are very beneficial not only to the university but also to the public at large. “All these labs should be generating income through consultancy for instance. We need to expose them to the public and ensure they are generating income”, he said.

He tasked the management to put in place mechanisms of marketing this lab so that the public can be aware that we have a lab of this kind which is unique in the region.

Center Director Prof Damien Hanyurwimfura Explaining to VC how the IoT Lab operates
One of ACEIoT students explaining to VC how she uses the IoT lab in her project
Some equipment found in the IoT Lab