External Funded Project

Dr. Masabo Emmanuel

Project Investigator: Dr. Masabo Emmanuel
PI Profile Dr. Emmanuel Masabo is a Senior Lecturer in the computer and Software Engineering department, School of ICT, College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda. He has mainly worked as academic staff since 2005. He also has two years’ experience in public institutions outside academia. He holds a PhD of Software Engineering from Makerere University, Uganda. He got a master’s of Engineering in Computer Application Technology from Central South University, Changsha-China in 2009. He also received a BSc in Computer Engineering and Information Technology from Kigali Institute of Science and technology (KIST). He published various papers in leading and international journals and conferences. His main research interests are Machine learning, Cyber-security, Big Data, Software Engineering, and IoT.
Title of the project: AI enabled IOT early warning smart system for prevention of Mycotoxins in cereals
Type of the project: Postdoc/research award , cooperability, academia-industry, etc Research award
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Project amount: 60,000$
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Type of the Project: National or International : International