Doctoral Committee meeting to approve research proposals for third cohort PhD students on 13th August 2020

The African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) is organizing the third Doctoral Committee (DC) Meeting from on 13th August 2020 where PhD Research Proposal Presentations will be held.

Reference to the PhD handbook, as well as the center action plan and PhD by Research Structure the Doctoral Committee (DC) meets three times during a student’s PhD study period. The first DC meeting focuses on the PhD Research Proposal Presentation where every student is required to present his/her revised PhD proposal for further guidance and suggestions to improve the research Proposal.

This DC meeting is organized as the first examination for approving the research proposal of the Students as well as allocating the Core Disciplinary Graduate Modules related to research area and recommendations for further research.

The DC is composed of

1.Main supervisor of the student

2. Internal/External Expert from Academic Institutions

3. External expert from Industry/ Research Institutions

4. Head of PhD studies and Research

5. Director of the center

6. Representative from UR CPGS