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Four PhD candidates successfully defend their final theses on 10th July 2023

2PhD candidates from Rwanda and 2 from abroad have, on 10th July 2023, successfully defended their theses making the total of 13 PhD candidates to have completed their PhD journey at African Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT).

These 4 candidates are expected to graduate this year.
These candidates include Mr. George Yogo Odongo from Kenya whose thesis is entitled “Internet of Things Enabled Fault Prediction and Location Discovery Platform for the Electrical Power Distribution System: A case of Kenya”.

The other candidate is Mr. Eric Hitimana from Rwanda who conducted research entitled “Analysis and Performance Enhancement of internet of things Framework for Fire Incidence Applications”.
Mr. Farian Severine Ishengoma from Tanzania worked on the “Integrated Drone Technologies and Machine Learning Techniques for Early Detection of Fall Armyworm in Maize Fields” with a Case study of East Africa and Mrs. Irene Niyonambaza Mihigo from Rwanda whose thesis is entitled “Internet of things-based Predictive maintenance for Medical Equipment Using an Integrated Advanced Analytics (IAA) Model.

The Centre is grateful for this achievement and takes this opportunity to recognize effort by the supervisory team behind this success and the overall contribution to the Centre.