PhD students from the third cohort present their proposals to Doctoral Committee

On 13th August 2020, the third cohort of PhD students from ACEIoT held the first meeting with the Doctoral Committee for the comprehensive examination for doctoral candidature. The meeting was held virtually in a bid to contain the spread of the covid-19 pandemic. This meeting is one of three meetings that should be held during PhD studies as stipulated in the general program structure of doctor of philosophy degree by research and the UR PhD program handbook.

Total of 6 PhD students have presented their research proposals., this include 4 PhD students sponsored by PASET. Each PhD student has been working on her/his PhD Research Proposal under the guidance of PhD Supervision Team. The doctoral committee meeting is organized as the first examination for approving the research proposal of the students as well as allocating the Core Disciplinary Graduate Modules related to research area and recommendations for further research.

The first DC meeting focuses on the PhD Research Proposal Presentation where every student is required to present his/her revised PhD proposal for further guidance and suggestions to improve the research Proposal.

The event was opened by the acting Director for UR center postgraduate studies, Dr Noella Umuhoza who thanked the supervisors for the effort, guidance and time that they have spend in guiding the students in improving their research works. She motivated the students to work hard and concentrate on their study so they will be able to complete their research journey successfully.

While commenting on students’ presentations, the Acting Director of the Centre Dr. Damien Hanyurwimfura urged students to ensure that their research proposals are meant to address existing challenges in the society.

The DC is composed of the main supervisor, Internal/External Expert from Academic Institutions, External expert from Industry/ Research Institutions, Director of the Center, Head of PhD studies and Research, and the representative from UR center for Postgraduate studies.