ACEIoT-PhD candidates and UR-Staff attending a Joint ICTP-IAEA School on LoRa Enabled Radiation and Environmental Monitoring Sensors

A loRa network can connect a plethora of tiny battery powered LoRa sensors and devices within a reasonable distance up to 150 km with line of sight. LoRa is a recently developed long range, low power consumption networking solution for the internet of Things (IoT). The school brought together participants from different continents including UR-Staffs and PhD students from African Center of excellence in Internet of Things.

The main topics of this three (3) weeks school included:
• LoRa and LoRaWAN protocols
• Prototyping of sensor boards/PCSBS
• Planning and deployment of a LoRa network
• Collection, analysis and visualization of the collected data.

More about the school can be found on the following links:

Different sensors were utilized

Participants in environmental monitoring Environmental monitoring All participants from different countries