ACEIoT student joined 19 other innovators from 15 different nationalities to build sustainable solutions.

The 20 young innovators were incubated for 6months to design, prototype and create projects to solve challenging issues of the world. Oluwatobi Oyinlola one of our postgraduate student was selected for the program through a very competitive application process and rigours selection. During the 6 months student exchange program Oluwatobi led and collaborated in three projects, which was fully supported by the French government and other partners in the European region.

The first one project is called Colimo: an application that uses personality traits and deep learning algorithm to recommend places that fit you. Using Augmented reality to shape, design and change your city for the better, and an emoji called Colimoji to which helps you to express your feelings in the place. This feedback helps city makers and urban planners (Government) understand your needs and demands better and respond effectively.

Second project is called YOBL :It is a small Internet of Things device that connects to your personal social media accounts through a mobile app. The device helps you manage your time and allow you stay off social media. YOBL’s primary and only function is OFFLINE TIME, a countdown time that can be activated by users to stay away from all the social media platforms of their choice by pressing a single button. If the user accesses a social media platform during OFFLINE TIME, they lose a life. Users get a total of 3 lives A DAY. If you are OFF social media for at least 5 days, YOBL gives you incentive. 7For example: Go see a movie for FREE, your ticket is YOBL device, read a book sent to you by YOBL and many more advantages. If you lose all the 3 lives, the device will be off automatically for 10min, all your social media will be blocked for 10min.

Third project is called Solar Pocha: Solar Pocha an autonomous outdoor leisure workstation that allows you to work outside while powered by solar energy. We created a mobile app for online booking (To know if Solar Pocha is open to use) with GPS tracking.