Businesses expect Industrial IoT to boost revenues by $154 million – Inmarsat

Research from global satellite communications services provider Inmarsat reveals the rapid ascendency of the industrial IoT (IIoT), along with its capacity to boost revenues and the obstacles that exist to greater adoption.

Overall, businesses expect the IIoT to boost revenues by a total of $154 million.

The survey, conducted by market researchers Vanson Bourne, focused on understanding the ways that the IIoT is being adopted by organisations from the agriculture, energy, maritime, mining, and transport sectors, and the role of satellite connectivity as an IIoT enabler.

Seven hundred and fifty respondents from across the globe, with a combined turnover of $1.16 trillion, offered insights into their use of, attitude to, and predictions for the future of the IIoT within their organisations and industriesRead more