Harnessing the Internet of Things and a Smart Environment in Africa

Author: Oluwatobi Oyinlola

It is germane to understand that IoT needs an enabling environment to function right. Often, I’ve had to ask myself this; how long will rural areas and under-developed communities suffer the stress of having to do things manually, when the same thing can be done in the comfort of their abode with the right command and approach? This study tends to harness IoT with a smart environment.

Basically, some IoT devices will be discussed in the cause of this study and their implication on Africa environment.

Smart Waste: One of the primary issues in modern cities is waste management, which is a key issue. Particularly, in a city like Ibadan, Nigeria, due to the cost of the service and the problem of storing the garbage. One of the solutions to this is to use an intelligent waste container that detects the level of the load using an embedded sensor that helps in optimization of the truck’s route, reducing the cost of waste collection and improving the quality of recycling. IoT will connect these end devices for tracking, and checkmate payment for the service which would help maintain waste solution. Read More

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