UR-ACEIoT launches the Grow with IoT(GIoT)Hub

On 2nd August 2018, The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs and Research) of University of Rwanda officially launches Grow with IoT(GIoT)Hub.

GIoT Hub provides mentoring and technical advice. A team based approach to mentoring is adopted. Mentors help to shape the innovative idea of a candidate in to a concept or a prototype by providing an open and supportive environment.Most mentors are PhD students or staff of ACEIoT.The final work of the mentee would be developed in to a paper along with the mentorship team for publication in peer reviewed conference or journals.

UR-ACEIoT's Director,Prof Santhi presenting the aim of GIoT Hub

UR's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs and Research), Prof. Nelson Ijumba launching GIoT Hub

Section of participants in UR-CST Conference room during the launch of GIoT Hub