University of Rwanda

Dr TWIZERE Celetin

Associate Professor


He received the BSc. degree in Physics from the National University of Rwanda in 2001, the MSc degrees in Complex Electronics Engineering from University of Roma Tre, Italy, in 2005 and the PhD degree in Engineering of Biomedical Electronics, Electromagnetism and Telecommunication from the University of Roma Tre, Italy in 2011.

In 2002, he joined the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Education and in 2006, the Department of Electrical and electronics Engineering, National University of Rwanda as an Assistant Lecturer. His research interests include Ground Penetrating Radar, Wireless Communication and Networks, Electromagnetic Radiation and Propagation and Smart Antenna for mobile Communication.

Actualy, he is the Centre Director of the Regional Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Engineering and e-Health (CEBE), where a key strategy of CEBE is to position itself to operate in a knowledge creation and transfer, industry partnership, and technical service delivery ecosystem to achieve high-impact results in support of several key health sector initiatives around medical equipment and devices, rehabilitation and mobility devices, and e-health system services.